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How to Keep Your Pet’s Fur from Getting Matted

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Certain breeds of dogs have long fur that gets matted easily. If that sounds like your pet, it’s time to come up with a grooming schedule that addresses the issue. You’ll find it far easier to prevent matted fur before it has a chance to appear.

How to Take Good Care of Your Pet’s Skin and Coat

Much like humans, canines have different lengths and textures of hair. Their fur can be fine or coarse as well as short or long. Knowing how to care for your dog’s coat provides them with a great deal of comfort and also extends the length between visits to the groomer.

Here are some ways to keep your pet’s fur from getting matted:

  • Cleanse and condition your pet’s fur regularly. Doing so keeps it moisturized and easier to manage.
  • Brush out tangles using the lift, pat, and stroke method. Working in small sections, gently lift the fur, pat the brush into it, and pull the brush away from the animal’s body to reveal hidden tangles.
  • Come up with a schedule for bathing and brushing.  Some breeds need grooming every few weeks, while others need to be brushed daily because of their susceptibility to matting.

Dry skin and matted fur can make your dog feel very uncomfortable. If your pet has problems with snarls, you’ll need to take a proactive approach somewhat regularly to keep their coat from getting matted to the point you can’t remove the tangles. A product such as our Everyday Spritzer helps detangle fur and keep your furry friend’s coats smelling fresh and clean.

The Best PH Balanced Dog Shampoo Available for You to Use

Keep your dog’s fur looking shiny, healthy, and mat-free. By being proactive about shampooing, conditioning, detangling, and brushing your pet’s coat, you’ll be able to gently remove snarls before they have a chance to get matted. Your dog will appreciate the VIP treatment they receive when you use Fido’s Pet Care Products.

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